About us

mbeder GmbH is a spin-off company from the University of Siegen in the field of embedded systems. The core competence of the founding team is reliable and fault-tolerant system architectures for safety-critical applications. An outstanding feature of the founding team is the great diversity of expertise that the five founding members bring to the spin-off. Expertise includes e.g. circuit design (e.g. PCBs, FPGAs), design and implementation of software architectures for embedded systems as well as real-time capability and mixed-criticality. In addition, the economic and legal expertise ensures the formal and economic aspects during the start-up phase and beyond. Since the majority of the founding members come from the Chair of Embedded Systems, the founding team also has extensive experience in EU and nationally funded research projects.

Chair for Embedded Systems is dedicated to component-based system architectures taking into account non-functional properties such as real-time capability, reliability and adaptability. Research results include system models, algorithms, development methods for reliability assessment and time analysis as well as chip-based and distributed platforms. The chair deals with AI-based diagnostic techniques, which are developed in basic research projects (e.g. DFG projects) as well as in industrial cooperations. In addition, the chair is involved in numerous national and international research projects in the field of safety-relevant systems.

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